Friday, March 21, 2003

WFNX goes back to old format [Yeah!]:
According to two radio columns today, the FNX Radio Network will be changing formats – back to the old days. Gone are the terrible pseudo metal bands, disguised as "alternative," and back are the grand old days of "rock the boat" WFNX radio.
Program Director "Cruze" said the Boston, Manchester, N.H., and Portland, Maine stations will be "really true alternative radio station[s]." The Providence 50,000 watt FM station Stephen Mindich acquired for a song in 2001 will be given its own musical identity but all four stations will broadcast Cruze's morning show.
Dean Johnson in the Boston Herald said "40 percent of the stations' playlist also will include so-called "gold" cuts by Beck, the Clash, Pearl Jam, and others."
"Outside of 'Should I Stay or Should I Go,' where do you hear the Clash anymore?'" Cruze asked. "We're not going to be an oldies station, but wouldn't it be great to hear 'Lost in the Supermarket' or 'Clampdown' as part of the musical landscape of what we do?"And don’t forget "Hitsville UK" either! Good luck Cruze. Here is one listener who will start to tune in again.