Friday, March 28, 2003

More on Moore, Part 3
Oscar winning film director Michael Moore has a great piece today In the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and ["Starting a Ruckus Was The Right Thing to Do"] where he explains what happened on stage at Oscar night.

I then said what I had been saying all week at those other awards ceremonies. I guess a few other people had heard me say those things too because before I had finished my first sentence about the fictitious president, a couple of men (some reported it was "stagehands" just to the left of me) near a microphone started some loud yelling. Then a group in the upper balcony joined in. What was so confusing to me, as I continued my remarks, was that I could hear this noise but, looking out on the main floor, I didn't see a single person booing. But then the majority in the balcony - who were in support of my remarks - started booing the booers. It all turned into one humongous cacophony of yells. And all I'm thinking is: Hey, I put on a tux for this?
Frankly, I think he might be making some of this up. But, who knows? He has been going off on Bush being fictional for years now.