Saturday, March 8, 2003

Unique polls:
Thanks to Rich for sending me to, a political junkies dream site!
Interesting to note some of the NH polling data they have compiled. While most of the polls are a few weeks old, it is interesting to look at the poll chart.
FoxNews latest NH primary poll has Gephardt and Lieberman in a virtual tie [16 percent to 15 percent] with Kerry, Edwards, Moseley-Braun, trailing. Dean who has the buzz lately is tied with Sharpton at 4 percent.
American Research Group has Kerry at 23 percent, with Dean and Gephardt in a virtual tie for second [16 percent to 15 percent]. Edwards and others trail far behind. Quinnipiac University's primary poll has Lieberman at 21 percent, Gephardt at 17, Kerry at 12, and Edwards at 8 percent. Zogby Int'l has Kerry at 26 percent with Dean, Gephardt, and Lieberman fighting for second [13, 11, 9 percent].
Quite a difference between all of them.
Then, there is this story: "Sharpton tops NY prez poll" which reports that Zogby found Sharpton with a slight lead over his other opponents in New York City: 13 percent to Lieberman's 12 percent and Gephardt at 11 percent. Sharpton has 9 percent statewide, just behind Lieberman at 14 percent and Gephardt at 13 percent.