Thursday, March 27, 2003

War links:
Studying antiwar In-depth piece about the protesters here in the Boston area by Kristin Lombardi. I will note here again, Lombardi, not The Boston Globe, was the first reporter to break the Catholic priest/molestation scandals.
Sign of protest Need some sign ideas? Here are some from NYC last weekend.
Sept. 11 commission stiffed in funding bill So much for finding "the truth."
Unembedded journalist pisses off the military
Missiles Changing Attitudes: Iraqi Civilian Deaths Stirring Up Anti-American Sentiment Among Villagers
FAIR: Using "Pro-Troops" to Mean "Pro-War" Is Anti-Journalistic I have had to stop watching FoxNews. I usually like its balanced slant and fast pace, but since the war started they have been so gung ho and so anti-peace, that it is beyond offensive. CNN, with its coverage of the British Defence press conferences and BBC correspondents, has been extremely thorough.

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