Saturday, March 29, 2003

War links
Adviser to U.S. Aided Maker of Satellites More dirt on Perle.
US turns sights on Syria and Iran Hmm, just as Ariel Sharon predicted.
Syria, Iran playing small, but key role by aiding Iraq The propaganda for future regime changes starts ...
Kucinich: This War is Wrong And Must End Too bad his campaign is going nowhere ...
Dean blasts Dem rival Kerry for 'wobbly' war stance ... however, it is a good thing his campaign is going somewhere.
Ritter Speaks on War in Iraq
FoxNews insults war protesters I am surprised Brian Kilmeade didn't go out there and beat all the protesters up himself, because he is such a tough guy! And a jackass.<
Support the Warrior Not the War: Give Them Their Benefits! The hypocrisy of it all. Support the troops ... but don't you dare take care of the older troops!

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