Sunday, March 9, 2003

"Dems Look to Hillary to Rescue Party From Sharpton"
More rumors that another Clinton is looming over the 2004 Democratic primary. Carl Limbacher reports that "unexpectedly strong early showing[s]" by the Rev. Al Sharpton has the party faithful looking to Hillary Clinton to rescue Democrats in 2004. With John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and John Edwards leaving audiences yawning - and Sharpton wowing crowds wherever he shows up - U.S. News and World Report predicts:

If a favorite other than Sharpton doesn't become obvious by late fall, look for a strong effort to draft Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. 'The Iowa Democratic Party,' says the magazine's 'Washington Whispers' column, 'is already thinking that. We hear it wants Clinton as the featured speaker at an annual fall event – an invite that's irked Sen. John Kerry.'

Democratic strategists fear that Sharpton "could actually score big" in the South, reports 'Whispers.' Others predict that the radical reverend could even win the South Carolina primary.