Saturday, March 15, 2003

Israel and Iraq, Part 2:
I happened to be watching "Real Time with Bill Mahr" on HBO tonight [with Arianna Huffington, Dennis Miller, and right-wing blondress Monica Crowley] when a person emailed in a very relevant point, paraphrasing: Israel has violated UN resolutions on a regular basis and they also have weapons of mass destruction. How come the United States isn't invading Israel?
It is an interesting point. And you could take it one step further. Israel has been killing Palestinians but Saddam hasn't killed anyone – lately. Of course, Saddam did kill Kurds – with chemical weapons he got from us. And he did kill Kuwaitis – after getting the green light from our Ambassador that we wouldn’t get involved in Saddam’s “border disputes.” But he hasn’t done anything in years whereas Israel has been relentlessly bombing Palestinian neighborhoods granted, in retaliation for terrorist strikes against civilian and military targets, which happen because Israel is killing civilians. So, why aren’t we invading Israel again?

Israel and Iraq, Part 1:
Leave it to "Peacenik Pat" Buchanan to really nail down some serious points about this war: ["Whose war?"].